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    Stop Paying 100s Of Dollars Monthly To Old-School Website & Funnel Builders!

    Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want, and support that’s there when you need it

    Klick Pagez

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    Every business is currently in the same boat. Everyone needs a good online presence to survive in this digital age but many don't even have a website.

    Those who do have a website... have shabby ones that give them next to no results!

    That's where you come in... Klick Pagez lets you create effective and professional websites INSTANTLY without any effort from your end.


    It Just Takes Minutes to go live…

    No Technical & Designing Skills of Any Kind is Needed!

    Plus, with included FREE commercial license, this is the easiest & fastest way to start 6 figure business and help desperate local businesses in no time!

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  • Klick Pagez

    Get 50% OFF Before Time Ends Coupon Code: GET50OFF

    One-Time Payment | No Hidden Fee | Commercial License Included
    Today, For A Limited Time Get A MASSIVE  90% OFF

    Forget To Pay $XXX To Hire A Developer


    KlickPagez Is Your One-Stop Shop For Building STUNNING Websites & Sale Pages Quick-n-Easy

    Having a brilliant idea is not enough. Proper implementation, engaging design, and back-end are necessary to let your website attract the right audience and make them interact.

    So you may require the assistance of professional designers or developers depending on the goals.

    Hiring a developer is a costly job. The first thing you need to figure out is whether you are going to pay a fixed price or hourly rates. Both concepts have some obvious drawbacks and advantages depending on your particular situation. The choice will mainly depend on the complexity of your task.

    The price tag may range from $40 to $160 per hour. However, you may still find cheaper options. For instance, Upwork’s top-rated developers are available starting from $38 per hour.



    But even with such high-demand (that has also seen an exponential increase since last year when the current pandemic FORCED business to move ONLINE)...

    ...it's surprising to see NOT MANY people jumping in to tap into this over 840 billion dollars industry.

    Hey There!

    It's Amina Dar with my super cooperative Team,

    We have happily served many customers online through our previous product launches with many years of online business experience and excellent communication skills.

    After spending long time effort and hard work, we are back with our new easy to use and in-budget tool "Klick Pagez".

    So, if you’re going to compete and get the life you desire in this ever-growing digital marketing era, then you’re going to need an online presence that converts.

    That means you’ll need websites with fast pages that guide, engage, and convert visitors into customers. And that’s what Klick Pagez do.

    You only need to setup your business website or sale page once and see RESULTS at rest!


    A Brand New Platform Klick Pagez

    Getting People To Your Website And Turning Them
    Into Happy Paying Customers Ever!

    Klick Pagez

    One-Time Payment | No Hidden Fee | Commercial License Included
    Today, For A Limited Time Get A MASSIVE  90% OFF

    Checkout What Marketers & Early Users Have to Say About Klick Pagez


    These are the nuts and bolts of all website development that you’ll work with daily if you decide to build websites for a living.

    ☑️ HTML dictates the structure
    ☑️ CSS will make it look pretty
    ☑️ JavaScript will make it function

    Hire a professional designer and developer is a good but expensive option to start a Business.

    Web Designers either charge by the Hour or a Flat Fee Per Project.

    You have to be prepared to spend a HUGE amount of money before you make your first dollar.

    Here Are Some Companies That Offer Web Design Services...And Charge A Lot!


    Klick Pagez

    Lets Have A Look On 
    Klick Pagez 
    Limitless Features


    Klick Pagez is so easy because it is powered by our intuitive technology that knows your preferences and effortlessly builds the site.

    You don't have to be a tech genius to simply drag and drop features to create your successful website or any web page. Simply choose the block and drag to customize and add onto your site instantly!


    Complete Design Control Over Everything

    Export Your Creative Design

    Klick Pagez lets you freely export your creative and unique design of website or webpage. So you can instantly showcase it online or use the Zip Import option for an offline version of your web template.

    Klick Pagez provide commercial licence. So as a designer/developer you can freely create website and sell as like as you wish. Its a good deal to turn each website you create into an evergreen money-making asset.

    SEO Optimization

    Klick Pagez websites have been designed to top the charts and make you #1. This can only happen when your website ranks within the top 3 on Google each time one searches.

    All our content is optimized to make you rank higher and make more profits. Rule search engines without paying an extra buck to external agencies!

    Theme Ecosystem

    Enjoy a fully-featured website templating system that harnesses the power of Klick Pagez's Visual Builder to design your all type of website, sale page, optin page, webinar, coming soon and many more.

    Now create stunning visuals in minutes! by just choose from our 500+ ready-to-use, beautiful templates according to your business niche & marketing goals. 

    Freedom To Create Multiple Pages

    Live limitless with Klick Pagez.

    You can create multiple webpages as you like starting now. Single pages or sub-pages can be built instantly without any restriction.

    Embed Your Own Code

    Personalization gives you freedom to create unique and attractive design. Klickpagez give you that freedom to create whatever design in your mind into a Live page.

    Try Klick Pagez CSS, Javascript and HTML section to add your unique touch to the website.

    Simply insert your own code, edit the source code to your liking, or embed any code for your widgets in any language you prefer- CSS, Java or HTML.

    Once finished, you can safekeep your creation by downloading/exporting your websites, including database types.

    Custom Domain

    You can also integrate any professional domain name to your website. Simply connect the domain name by going to the domain tab and inserting your custom domain. It is possible to customize your subdomain too.

    Fret not if you don't have a domain name yet! You can also search for it using our in-built features.

    Built-in Contact Form

    Not only can you place forms within your website and let your customer contact you directly. You can also customize them to include any details that you may want to collect from your customers.

    Klick Pagez give your customer directly contact you. A great Optin element to collect client instantly.

    Who Can Use Klick Pagez?

    Klick Pagez is Built for Entrepreneurs, Marketer, Small Business owner or any Startup person across all levels.

    You need nothing to download or install in your system.

    No special experience required. Zero learning curve. Easy to modify and create.

    User friendly built-in templates for all type of business.

    Klick Pagez

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    Professional Ready To Use Designs

    Over 500 pre-made website layouts come packaged right inside of Klick Pagez for free. Brand new layouts are added weekly along with royalty free photos, icons, and illustrations. 

    Getting traffic isn’t as hard as it seems.  Not at all. It can be...tedious.

    So that’s why you’ll have multiple people establish themselves on multiple platforms, so they can siphon portions of traffic from all over the web.

    It’s the sum of all the traffic from multiple sources, that turns their own site into a traffic pulling - sales generating powerhouse.

    You Didn't Think We'd Forgot...

    To Give You Some Fast Action Bonuses Did You?

    As if access to Graphics Glut isn’t enough, we’re also going to include these incredible bonuses with your purchase today, just as a way of sweetening the deal when you take action and claim your copy of Graphics Glut right now.

    Fast Action Exclusive Bonus # 1

    A Bundle Of Done For You Company Logos

    Choose any logo from our professional collection.
    And update with your company name.

    Fast Action Exclusive Bonus # 2

    Content Creator App

    Create any text content on any keyword and enrich your website fill with articles. Attract user with lots of reading material.

    Fast Action Exclusive Bonus # 3

    Instant Keyword Generator

    Generate Instant keywords and do best SEO for your business. This tool help you to generate traffic so quickly.

    Fast Action Exclusive Bonus # 4

    Royalty-Free Images

    Choose any image from read to use collection. It give brilliant looks to your website, social media post or advertisement.

    Fast Action Exclusive Bonus # 5

    Commercial License

    KlickPagez give you free to easily create html webpage or whole website. And download whole code with graphics and sell it for passive income. 


    A Full 30 Day No Risk 100% Money Back Gurantee.

    We proudly offer 100% customer satisfaction with quality of our products. Try Klick Pagez risk-free. If you ever decide Klick Pagez isn’t worth your time, you can get a full refund within 30 days, no hassle, no stress. We always try to give you better and best.

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    Klick Pagez

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    That’d be like the difference between breaking up concrete with a butter knife vs a jackhammer!

    When you think about it that way, it’s just hard work, will take forever, and is downright plain lol’ stupid!

    So why not work smarter in your business and snag all the traffic you can from social media with Klick Pagez?

    Especially since it’s easy to use and makes syndicating and grabbing traffic a breeze.
    Plus, if you’re not satisfied, you can get a refund.

    So go ahead and use the button to get access now and get ready to get a steady stream of traffic using the power of Klick Pagez!

    Klick Pagez

    Get 50% OFF Before Time Ends Coupon Code: GET50OFF

    One-Time Payment | No Hidden Fee | Commercial License Included
    Today, For A Limited Time Get A MASSIVE  90% OFF


    One-Time Payment | No Hidden Fee | Commercial License Included
    Today, For A Limited Time Get A MASSIVE  90% OFF

    Klick Pagez

    Get 50% OFF Before Time Ends Coupon Code: GET50OFF

    One-Time Payment | No Hidden Fee | Commercial License Included
    Today, For A Limited Time Get A MASSIVE  90% OFF

    In case of any query please feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

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